Lavar Claims He and LaMelo Can Defeate MJ and Lebron

By | July 27, 2017


When Lavar Ball claimed he would destroy Michael Jordan in a game of one on one, the whole world stop and took a collective gasp at that blasphemous statement. Of course, this wasn’t the end of it folks. Ball made an earlier claim that his son and L.A. Laker, Lonzo Ball, is way better than Stephen Curry and because he’s faster on the court. These two statements, unbelievable as they may be, is nothing compared to what Ball is saying right now. He claims he and his 15-year old son, LaMelo, can without a doubt beat Jordan and Lebron James in a 2 on 2 game.

Yep, Lavar went farther and something more ridiculous than what he earlier said this year.

Lavar said he and LaMelo will destroy Jordan and James when his Big Baller Brand Team faced the SC Supreme in the Adidas Summer Championships that was conducted in Las Vegas this week. “ You know I already got me and Melo. Against Lebron and Jordan, and anybody. Me and my son against anybody, we’ll play and we’ll beat,” Lavar said.

Well, first of all, Michael Jordan is the Greatest of all Time when it comes to basketball. That should be enough reason for the Balls. Heck, he played in a harder era and won 6 NBA titles out of the sheer force of his will. If he were in his prime today, he would have demolished all of the top NBA teams in an instant. If Prime Jordan can murder anyone’s chances at an NBA title, just imagine what he would do to Lavar Ball in a pickup game. Anyone of his signature moves will surely shut Ball up for all of eternity.

And please, don’t get me started with Lebron James. If Jordan can singlehandedly take on these two jokers, what more if he had the King at his side. James, considered as the greatest player of his generation, is a multi-faceted basketball player that has broken countless records in the NBA. James is equipped with so many offensive and defensive weapons that it makes our head hurt thinking of how the Balls can defeat him and Jordan. Even if he is nearing the end of his prime, James will just run circles around Lavar and LaMelo. Have you seen that leaked video of Lavar Ball playing basketball? Yeah, just imagine if James and Jordan were there.

Now that we’ve had a look at these two basketball greats, let’s move over to the Balls. LaMelo might be a future NBA star but let’s not forget he’s just 15 years old. He doesn’t stand a chance of standing up against the physicality of Jordan nor James in a competitive game at all. In stark contrast to LaMelo’s age,  Lavar is just too old to play against these two. He as slow as funeral car on an open road and he would just spend the entire game catching his breath.

It’s safe to say everyone should take Lavar’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s too obvious he’s after publicity folks so let’s not give the man what he wants from now on.

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